Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 26: Core Synergistics

I have a new nemesis.  Like Spiderman going from the Green Goblin to Mysterio, I’ve gone from YogaX to Core Synergistics.  Wow, what a P90X workout.  I got a Direct Message on Twitter, yesterday, from my new friend and Beachbody Coach Geoff Alaishuski (@The_Nit).  He said, “Good luck with Core Syn.”  I was unprepared for what was to follow.

I can’t even imagine if I had tried to do that workout in Week 1.  I thought I was getting in pretty good cardiovascular shape.  I am certainly able to do a lot more in Week 4, than when I started.  But I was huffing and puffing VERY HARD during this workout.  There are just some ridiculous exercises in this workout. 
Banana Rolls - a fun, but difficult way to start off the routine. Plank to Chaturanga Run?  Crazy, especially half-way through the workout!  Prison Cell Pushups?  And end of the workout gem that had me breathing so hard I was light-headed.  And my favorite – Lunge-Extension-Curl-Press.  I took me several passes just to get the motion right.  I sure hope I remember how next time!
And I am sore this morning!  My back is especially sore, from the shoulder blades down.  I guess that means it was a good core workout! I really do look forward to tackling this one again.  Hopefully without as much huffing and puffing.
Keep pushing!

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