Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 27: Why it’s called “A Busy Dad’s Journey”

This has been one of those weeks when life just gets in the way of exercising as much as I would like.  As I blogged earlier, we put our dog, Sadie, to sleep last Thursday.  It was a tough night, and the beginning of a long week. 
Sadie, the cabin, my in-laws in town, new carpet and furniture shopping – to replace the dog-stained old stuff – and lots of visiting, really put the kibosh on my regular exercising routine.  So Tuesday, I was back at it strong! ….until last night.
I love my boys, Benny and Henry, don’t get me wrong.  They are a lot of fun to be around right now, but at 7 and 4 respectively, they can be a handful.  Last night, I rushed home from work to pick up our new carpet and get ready to pitch the old one.  With the help of a neighbor, I was done putting my old carpet on the roof of my SUV and was ready to go workout.  I started Yoga X around 6:35.
I thought this was great timing!  My wife had taken Ben to karate, and Henry to buy a birthday present for a friend.  I had enough time to at least get through the moving concentrations.  Wrong.  They got home around 7:10pm and ran immediately into the basement to see what I was doing.   Henry, seeing I was doing yoga, ran upstairs to put on his shorts and come down to exercise with me.  Ben came down while I was in Downward Dog and proceeded to pull my shirt back down because he could see my belly.  Then pull my shorts up.  Pause the DVD.  “That’s disgusting,” he said.  He leaves.  Restart the DVD.
Meanwhile Henry comes down to exercise.  First thing he does is drink half of my water.  Then he spills the other half on my mat.  Pause the DVD.  Clean up the water and get more.  Restart the DVD.  Then Ben comes back – buck naked.  I’m in Warrior Two.  “Dad, can I take a shower down here?”  Me  - “There is no shower down here.” Ben – “I mean upstairs, in the downstairs bathroom.”  Me – “Can’t you see I’m exercising?  Go ask your mother.”  He leaves.  Henry is crawling through my legs.
After clearing the debris from between my legs and getting through some more movements Ben comes back – freshly showered and dressed.  I’m now in Extended Right-Angle Pose, and struggling to keep my hand in the air and stay in position.  “Can you sharpen my pencil?” Me – “Can’t you see that I’m doing something very hard?  Go ask your Mother!”  Ben – “But she’s working on the computer and I need to do my homework!”  Fine – I sharpen the pencil.
Henry spills my water again.  Workout over.
Fortunately it is not like this every night.  Usually, I can get my workout done unabated.  I’m happy that Henry has shown an interest in exercising with me.  I hope that I can inspire them to want to have a life full of exercise, rather than spend their 20’s and 30’s on a barstool, eating wings like their dad.
Just please don’t spill my water….. 

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