Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 34: 5 Weeks Down

I’ve made it through five weeks of P90X!
While I’m very excited about that, I also realize that there is a long way to go: eight more weeks to 90 days.
I think it has been a success so far.  I haven’t lost as much weight as I would like, but I’m down two pant sizes.  I’m now wearing pants that I have worn in close to 10 years (yes, I still had some hanging in a spare closet – but they’re khakis so do they really go out of style?).  All of my shirts now fit, and some are even getting to be too big.  That’s all really good news.
But I think the best news is that I’ve hooked my Henry on exercising as well.  Every single night he asks if we can go down and exercise.  I’ve talked at length about the trials and tribulations of having Henry “help” me exercise, but if I can get him to WANT to exercise every day, then I’ve done my job. 
Hopefully, I will soon get Ben, 7, on board the workout train.  He’s been seeing me exercise regularly and we’ve all been eating healthier since I’ve started P90X.  He’s noticed, wants to get participate and has even vowed to try cauliflower!
That’s not to say that he, or any of us, is perfect.  He had a meltdown on the way home from martial arts the other night because he’ll, “never be allowed to eat at Burger King again.”  I assured him that wasn’t true; we just won’t go there as often as we have in the past. 
So now my goal is to get the whole family to be more active, instead of leading the sedentary lifestyle we’ve lived in the past.  Let’s get up and get moving!
But that battle is not yet won.  Sometimes the lure of Phineas and Ferb is far too great.
Even I like Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

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  1. Pat I'm so happy for you & must tell you what an inspiration you are to me. I changed my families eating to a healthier one several years ago & have always pushed for the kids to be active (I'm very lucky that both my kids were predisposed to being healthy- we have no idea where it comes from-lol) but I have started a journey of sorts to lose weight which for me has always been a struggle. I've found that for me I have to be conscious of every bite I put in my mouth. Usually I start out strong writing down everything I'm eating & keeping track of calories.....but after a few weeks when I start to feel better I think I've conquored it & no longer need to continue. Reading your blogs has kept me honest & diligent- and I just wanted to say Thank You. Here's to your continued success and both of our good health......vicki