Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 36: Week Six Begins!

OK everybody, I've started week six, and I'm raring to go.

Today was Chest, Shoulders and Triceps.  Got all but three exercises in today before my arms just wouldn't let me do one more repetition.  In fact, I'm having a difficult time holding my arms up to type - 2 hours after completing my workout.

Finally, I've started seeing some progress on the scale.   As you know, I have stopped weighing myself daily and am now only weighing myself on Saturday mornings - the first day of my P90X week.  Today, I am happy to report that I lost 5lbs last week and am down a total of 11lbs since starting this program.

Recently, I've been adding some different things to my workouts.  I am trying to run a couple times per week on my lunch hour - I only made it out once last week, but I'm striving for more this week.  I also want to try and add some biking into the routine.

A friend recently asked me to ride with his team on the Tour de Cure, an event to raise money for the American Diabetes Association.  I did this ride with them three years ago - but that ride was 50k or 31 miles.  This year they want to ride the whole shebang....100k...62miles.  That's a lot of miles on the bike.  So if I'm going to do this, I need to put some serious miles on before the June date.

All this exercise really has me feeling good.  Sore, yes, but pretty good.  My knees have stopped hurting.  My shoulder has stopped hurting.  Everything is falling into place.  And now I'm losing weight to boot.

I'm hopeful that one of these days I'll be lounging on the beach, and a friend will yell from his yacht, "Looking good Pat."  I'll reply, "Feeling good, Louis!"

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