Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Week Three, So Far

So, here I am - half-way through Week Three of P90X.  Well almost.  I will be after tonight’s YogaX workout.  I at once look forward to, and fear this workout.  For me it is, by far, the hardest.  90 minutes of pain and agony.
Before I get ahead of myself, let’s start with the rest of the week.  I haven’t been tweeting as much this week because I’ve been trying to get this blog off the ground.  But, so far, it has been a VERY productive week - especially on the resistance days.
Saturday is the first day of my P90X week.  I always start a program on Saturday.  I do this so I get two good workouts in before I get to the work week, which is always more difficult.  More difficult to schedule workouts, more difficult to get motivated to workout and more difficult to stay faithful to my diet.
I really like doing the Chest and Back workout on Saturdays.  It’s an easy workout.  Not easy in intensity, but easy in that I can perform all of the exercises – push-ups and pull-ups.  Lots of them.  As I’ve stated before, I can’t do pull-ups without the aid of chair, because I’m too heavy.  But I crank them out until I can’t do any more and try to keep myself from using my legs too much for assistance.  The doorway that I use for pull-ups is really low, as is the ceiling in my basement.  I can bend my arms, while holding on to the pull-up bar and standing up.  So I put on foot on the chair and bend the other leg so I can hang straight down.
I use “Perfect Pushup” bars that a friend gave me to do the pushups.  They really help my wrists stay pain-free, which is a problem I had when I did Power 90.  But the pushups are harder!  You can really get low.  I’ve really seen a big increase in the number of pushups I can do from Week 1 through Week 3.
Day 2, Sunday, is Plyometrics.  It’s the 2nd hardest workout of the week.  I like to jump.  But it makes my knees hurt.  Not really in a bad way, just sore.  Usually the day after PlyoX it hurts to go up and down steps – especially down.  I chalk this up to a) being old, and b) finding little used muscles to workout.  I haven’t done this much jumping in years!
I did have fun doing this workout, because my 4 yr old, Henry, did most of it with me.  He likes doing the “Run Squat Jump Switch” best.  And he wanted me to hold his hand so we could “jump over the stream together”.  It was cute.   But he drinks all my water.  I had to send him upstairs to get Mommy to refill the water bottle.
Shoulders and Arms is another good workout.  This is one I’m built for.  I’m short and stocky, with big shoulders.  My friends always said I had “Lenny strength” as in Lenny from Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.  So I can lift lots of heavy loads in this workout.  But I don’t have weights, so I use the bands.  As I stated before, I use the heaviest band I could find, and put a loop in it for almost all the exercises, with the exception of the tricep extensions.  I need to get dumbbells.
Which brings me to today…YogaX….my nemesis.  I’ll do it.  I’ll get through it.  And then I’ll shout it to the mountaintops that I have conquered!  And then I’ll be happy because I’ll be more than half-way done with my week.
Talk to you soon.

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