Tuesday, April 19, 2011



I've fallen.  Can you help me get back up? 

For two-and-a-half weeks I have barely exercised at all.  I got off my schedule and was never able to get back on.  Family activities has a lot to do with it for sure.  I opted to take the kids fishing one day instead of working out.  Little League and the kids martial arts also plays a part.  I rush home from work in order to get the kids to where they need to be.  I never eat dinner before 7pm, and by 8 I have no desire to workout.

@The_Nit tells me I need to schedule it like an appointment.  He's right.  I need to resign myself to the fact that I can't plan anything else between 8 and 9 pm on any night and just make that my workout time. 

Because of a water main break in downtown Harrisburg, the Capitol Complex is closed and we have a day off!  WooHoo!  So, today I did a Spinervals DVD, "Sweating Buckets", to try and get myself back on track.  It was a great day to get restarted.

Hopefully this was just a bump in the road.

Time to reboot...


  1. Workout's suck. You just have to remember that if you screw up today, you can get back on track tomorrow.

  2. Write your workouts on a calendar, a calendar that you see daily so that you can shame yourself into commitment. Also, perhaps try to find activities where all (i.e., dad and the kids) can get some form of workout. Time spent exercising together is a win-win. Good habits start early.